1. Natural, candid, but also styled: We all love when photos don't look posed, but candid shots often don't capture your best angles. I want you to feel natural but also gorgeous, so I'll guide you with helpful adjustments so you can relax and enjoy yourself!

2. Editing as art: Whether you want your pictures to look as natural as possible, or want them to have that luxurious magazine look to them, editing is just as much a part of the artistic process as the photo session itself. Every photo gets my unique attention. 

3. Incredibly fun: I've got to be honest, I absolutely love what I do and my energy is contagious. My joy over the shots I get is going to get you excited and even more relaxed into your body; which makes for the best shots! I'll probably say random things to capture the sincere emotion needed for the shot. 

4. Fast but fabulous: Don't think that a short session means less pictures. You'll be amazed at what I can do in an hour. My biggest problem is seeing how many great pictures I got and having to narrow it down! That said, the rate you pay is not just for your session and the attention I give to editing, but my talent for styling, composition and ability to capture you in a way like no other.

5. Shame free beauty: There are very few people that can take a good picture of me. Some angles just don't look like me and others, I simply don't like. We are all this way. It doesn't mean you don't love yourself, it means you know what you love about yourself. Tell me your no-no angles. I get it. No shame. It's only your best angles with me.

Of course, each person has their own unique vision. So if you like what know so far, use the form below to tell me more about yourself, what you're looking for and any questions you might have.

Please allow 3 business days for reply!​​​​​​​
Thank you!
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